14 June 2012

Cyrano de Bergerac

So we got a new roommate about a month ago and I have discovered that she likes French films too. She checked out Cyrano de Bergerac from the library. When she showed me, it sounded familiar, and when I read the back I remembered. Remember in Rigoletto when Porter is telling that story in the general store after his miracle at Mr. Ribaldi's? That's this story. So we watched part of it together at that time. But we ran out of time to finish it because we were tired. And I've been fairly busy of late and while I had managed to snag it from the library again it's taken me a while to get a chance to watch it. I finally watched it last weekend. It is just so good! Cyrano has the best lines. Here's one example: "Lug your guts away, salami, or stay and I'll remove you slice by slice!" Oh, the wit. I'm going to have to read the play next... 
Roxane and Cyrano

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