28 June 2012


It has been a long time since I've posted something that I've cooked. In some cases that's because I've rediscovered sandwiches and thus haven't been cooking and in others it's because I've been too busy/lazy to upload pictures from my camera--I'm hoping to remedy this in the very near future. At any rate. Yesterday I cooked!

I had some broccoli in the fridge that was dying to be eaten and my favorite way to eat broccoli is stir-fryed. So, stir-fryed it was. While it was cooking I also found two baby carrots and part of an onion that looked like it was on its way out so I added those too, just for kicks and giggles. And since I didn't really want to eat my stir-fry over rice, as would be traditional, I ate it over a baked potato. I know it sounds a little weird. But broccoli goes on baked potatoes sometimes, and potatoes and carrots go well together, and onion goes with any of those. So why not stir-fry on a baked potato?  It was delicious.

Oh, and when I had the leftovers for dinner tonight they were delicious too.

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