15 June 2012

Transferrable knowledge

I love it when you're sitting in class listening to lecture and trying to figure out how in the world you are ever going to remember all this information because it's information that you actually want to remember. In class this morning we've been talking about cost analysis and contracting and it has been really satisfying to sit in a class learning about something that I legitimately can see myself doing in the future. I can see there being a time in my life that I may have to deal with writing a contract for something and sending out for bids or dealing with vendors. In all reality, I have kind of felt like this all week in my class. I feel like I'm truly learning some of what it takes to effectively manage a preservation program in an academic institution (we've mostly focused on academic because that is what our professor's background is, and really that's where a lot of preservation programs are). For one of the first times in my life I feel like I'm learning things that will translate into skills and knowledge that I will really use in my life. And it's a great feeling.

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