21 June 2012

Where the riches of ages are sold

Of late I have been on the hunt for a good bakery where I can buy nice loaves of sandwich suitable bread. Mostly, I've been buying from Panera Bread, because they can slice it for me. But last week I stopped by another bakery near Harvard Ave. They were very busy, which I took to be a good sign. And they had a very nice looking loaf of sourdough bread that I would have liked. But they couldn't slice it for me. Sandwich bread is really only good to me if it's sliced. I can't slice evenly enough to make a good sandwich. But the bakery had one redeeming quality. They also sold rosemary focaccia bread. And for only $4. And their rounds were bigger than the £2 loaves I used to buy at Portobello Road. So I bought one. I mean a bigger loaf of bread for the same price? Yes, please. Sadly, the bread was rather stale. It must have been a day old loaf or something. Nothing like the delightfully fresh soft ones I'd get at market. And it didn't soften up overnight like my £2 ones used to. I may have to try one more time before I write the place off though and go a little earlier in the day; in all fairness I used to go to market first thing in the morning and I went to the bakery here in the afternoon. I do miss my £2 focaccia though.

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