11 June 2012

Ordered by importance: procrastination follow-up

Can you follow-up on procrastination? Is that an oxymoron?

Some time ago, years maybe? I really can't remember. I read an article, somehow I think it was in a magazine or a newspaper, but I definitely feel like it was an article on paper, about using procrastination to become an effective human being. John Perry suggests that structured procrastination is a method to take your procrastinating tendencies and use them for good. Basically, we all have a list of tasks we need to complete in our heads somewhere that is more or less ordered by importance. So as items reach top importance on our list we procrastinate doing them. However, procrastinating doesn't mean that we're doing nothing, we're typically just doing something that is less important on our list. The key is to realize that this is how we work and then to use that knowledge to ensure that there is always something that is more important. His article is really interesting, I'd highly recommend reading it.

As an aside. I'm writing this less important post in place of doing my more important reading assignments for school. And I readily admit that the thing I will do after I finish this is also not going to be my homework. There are other less important things that I can do first. Besides, I have those sixteen readings that I have to have done for class on Monday and that is just a lot.

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