06 June 2012

Life in a Day

 On the topic of documentaries. I can't remember who all of you I have shared this with, but it's pretty awesome. Back in 2011, one of my roommates went and saw a movie called Life in a Day in theaters. She came home and highly recommended it. Basically, it is a crowd-sourced documentary about a day in the life of the Earth. A specific day was set (24 July 2010) and thousands of people around the world filmed their life that day and then uploaded their videos to YouTube. Kevin MacDonald, director, then took the thousands of hours of footage and developed a 90 minute documentary documenting life on earth. It is quite amazing. One of the best parts is that the film was developed in cahoots with YouTube and so you can watch it free online (which is where I finally saw it, months after my roommate told me about it).

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