02 July 2012

busy, busy, busy

Today has been busy, and this weekend has been busy, and I don't really know where to start. So instead, I think I'm going to whet your appetite for upcoming posts, because I can.

Last Thursday my computer came down with what seems to be a pretty nasty virus, so I've been without a computer since then. Luckily I have awesome roommates who have loaned me theirs, but so what that means is that there won't be much in the way of cool pictures till I get my computer back from the de-virusing people.

But I do have some fun posts planned already for the week. I made a Jell-o mold on Saturday. And today I went to the Charlestown yard and toured the USCGC Eagle. Later in the week I'm hoping to go and see the rest of the Tall Ships that are here for OpSail. I've also got big plans for the 4th which include the Boston Pops. So stay tuned. And with any luck my computer will return to me soon and then there can be pictures for these exciting things.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I've heard that the 4th in Boston is awesome. Every year I say that I want to be in Boston for Independence Day next year...and I'll say it again this year!

Sounds like you're having lots of great adventures.