05 July 2012


Today I rode my bike into Boston proper for the first time. For whatever reason on the other days I've had to go downtown I've never felt like taking my bike was a good idea. But today the stars aligned and I ran errands. I rode about 8.5 miles and I'll ride 4 more to get home tonight. Somehow numbers like 8 just seem super big, even though I know that in biking miles that is exceptionally small. I guess because I couldn't run 8 miles (let alone not even hurting afterwards) that makes biking that far seem like a long distance. I love the freedom of not having to walk everywhere but also not having to worry about parking. So far I feel like Boston is a pretty bike friendly city, and it's been pretty easy to find somewhere to chain my bike up when I've been out and about. I haven't quite mastered the art of the left turn, but I imagine that I will get more practice...

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