11 July 2012

Dinner in a pocket

Last night I came home to find a delightful little note from my roommate on the table welcoming me home and informing me that dinner was in the fridge. The note by itself pretty much made my evening, and the fact that there was food too was just icing on the cake. And it wasn't just any food either. It was food in a pocket! My favorite kind. My roommate had made empanadas (they are some specific kind that I can't recall now). But they were delicious. I'm sure I've shared my thoughts about pocket foods of the world before, but I really do find it appalling that so many cultures have awesome meals in pockets and America fails completely. For example, here is a super broad and thoroughly incomplete list roughly by region of some of the awesome pocket-shaped foods out there:

South/EastAsia: samosas, eggrolls, pot stickers 
British Isles: pasties,
Latin America: empanadas
Europe: calzones, pierogies
US: hot pockets

Seriously? Hot pockets were the best we could do?

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