10 July 2012

Gelatinous desserts may make a comeback yet.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the library and walked past the circulation desk where this book was on display:
Naturally, I was intrigued. For those who can't see the image well: those are limes, with jell-o in them, that look like watermelons. I picked it up. I thumbed through it. I checked it out.

Later I went to the grocery store, found that jell-o was on sale (5 for $4!!!) and stocked up. The hardest part was trying to decide which recipe to try first. I finally decided on the Cherry Cream. It is a two layer mold, The first layer (eventually, the top layer) is plain cherry jell-o, and then the second layer is essentially cherry jell-o with sweetened condensed milk. Really, can you go wrong with sweetened condensed milk? I think not. It turned out really well. Especially considering this was the first time I'd ever made jell-o more complicated than following the directions on the box. And my layers stuck together properly, and after some (a lot) of coaxing it even came out of the bowl I made it in. I'm already looking forward to my next jell-o mold. I think next on the docket is an orange creamsicle-like one.

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