06 July 2012

Panera Bread

Ok, so Panera Bread is pretty much one of my new favorite restaurants. One, they have good food; two, they sell their bread as loaves, and they'll slice it for you; and three, they have a fantastic loyalty program. I went in earlier this week to buy my loaf of sourdough bread and the gal at the check out tells me that I've earned a free pastry and wonders if I want it now or later. Now, please. I felt pretty good about having a cherry danish. The next day I stopped by again because I needed something to drink and it was hot and everything and when I ordered I got a frozen lemonade and a roll or something but when the guy rang me up he told me I'd earned a free drink. Two free things in less than 48 hours! Yeah, Panera has earned my loyalty.

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