04 July 2012

Happy 4th of July

No good news on my computer yet, so you'll have to forgive me for the lack of exciting pictures. I did take some today... This morning one of my roommates and I headed downtown to the Old State House and listened to a reading of the Declaration of Indepence. It was pretty neat. The Declaration of Independence was originally read from the balconey of the Old State House on 18 July 1776, and has been read since then every 4th of July. It was cool.

And after that I wandered down to the harbor to check out the Tall Ships. It was a very long wander. I'm not the best at following crowds apparently. I figured as long as I was headed approximately the right direction that the crowds would guide me. Yeah, no. Crowds have no idea where they are going. Though later when I tried following crowds to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal it worked much better. The Tall Ships were cool, though very crowded--so much so that I didn't actually go on any of them. But I made up for that at the naval ships. Which were super cool. They had two more from Canada (a destroyer and a refueler), an Irish aircraft carrier, a US frigate, and  German frigate. The Canadian ships were my favorite (probably because the aircraft carrier was closed). It was a fun day. A lot of walking, but it helps make up for all the days that I don't do much walking? I also managed to get nicely sunburned, so now I look like I'm wearing a pink collar.

I had planned on watching the Boston Pops concert on TV tonight (you know how I feel about fighting crowds and staying out late). Unfortunately I don't really know how to work the television and so I couldn't get it to play. So instead I streamed it live on the internet. I love WGBH. But about 3/4 of the way through the concert the people in charge of safety told everyone to seek shelter because there were a couple streaks of lightning and thunder. But luckily they let them come back about 20 minutes later adn the concert could finish. It started raining at my house almost right as the closing notes of the concert were being played. And my neighbors down the street set off some fireworks a while ago so I've even managed to catch some of those. I don't feel at all left out now.

Anyways, it was a very satisfying day. And one day when I have my own computer again I will post some pictures. Because I took some.

P.S. The Queen Mary 2 was in dock at the cruise terminal. It was almost like a dream come true to even get to see that beautiful ship. One day my dream to crusie Southampton to NY on the Cunard line (or the other way, even) will come true too. 

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Jen said...

So cool, I'd love to be there on the 4th!