19 July 2012


The class that I'm taking right now meets at North Bennet Street School in the North End. The North End is a pretty awesome place. It's filled with Italian restaurants, little bakeries, tiny winding streets, and more tourists than can possibly be healthy. There is one delightful little bakery right across the street from school that sells the best biscotti I've ever had. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about biscotti, and have probably only had it once or twice in my life before this week. So I'm not sure if the biscotti I'd had previously were just really bad examples of biscotti or what, but this biscotti has opened my eyes to what biscotti can be. (How many times can you use the word biscotti in a sentence?) This biscotti is hard, but not crunchy; soft, but still firm; chewable, but still hard; dry, but not too crumbly; it's really quite amazing. And it's just so delicious. And it's cheap too. I got two pieces today and a cookie for a dollar. I have a feeling that too many of my dollars will be going to this bakery's coffers this summer.

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Jeniakai said...

So jealous! Sounds like you live in an awesome place.