31 July 2012

Another goal

Apparently I'm in a goal-oriented mood this week. I find that with every passing day I grow more and more disenchanted with Facebook. I just don't really like it anymore. I do like the possibility of keeping up with people I don't see often, and it is a good tool for planning get togethers and such, but I don't like the way that I turn to it in boredom and fritter away my time. And I don't like the way it changes frequently. And I don't like the compulsion I feel to check it, when I know for certain that nothing will have changed since I checked 15 minutes ago. Because of these things I created the rule for myself that I could only check Facebook on my own laptop. Which has been great, since I'm not home that often to use my own laptop I don't check Facebook as often. But I still feel trapped by it. I want to be free of Facebook, but at the same time I'm afraid that I can't actually live without it. I'm afraid of quitting Facebook and then having to come crawling back later. So I've planned another baby-step in the right direction. I'm going to try to be Facebook-free for one month. Hopefully all of you readers who find that I've updated my blog through Facebook won't abandon me as I won't be posting the links there for hopefully the whole month of August.

Wish me luck.

And tune in tomorrow. I have an exciting video for you.

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